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LA ranked fourth amongst US cities where technology can reduce the need to own a car

Morning all. I was sent a link to a new report that considers how technology has provided new transport tools and options – the Innovative Transport Index. Los Angeles has come in at fourth on the list, below Austin, San Francisco and Washington DC. It tied with Boston and New York City. I think this is very positive for LA, although one would expect the larger cities to have more options. Interestingly, three other cities where I work – Seattle, Denver and San Diego – all made the top ten. These cities are offering viable options to their citizens, predominantly via the use of technology – smart phone apps, real time information, dynamically-driven websites, bike share and ride-sourcing systems. Simply put, these technologies provide people with options for their daily trips – often using real time information to provide the answer to the question – ‘what’s the best option for me right now?’. The photo below show’s Washington DC’s bike share system – perhaps not a viable option during freezing temperatures, but a ‘smart’ app could provide alternatives based on cost, mode preference or time of day.


Looking back on my previous post, perhaps it would be interesting to see how these cities are dealing with accessibility, and if these technologies have had an impact on the visually and mobility impaired? Should that be included as part of the index? Should car usage and ownership also be taken into account?

Let’s see if we can’t get LA higher up the index.


One thought on “LA ranked fourth amongst US cities where technology can reduce the need to own a car

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