10 cool things about being car free in 2015!

1. You can take your bike on the subway and on buses.

This is great and something that is sorely lacking in other major cities around the world. I see lots of people hucking their bikes onto the front of buses and wheeling them on to subway trains. This sets up infinite multi-modal journey options – it’s just a shame that the LA Metro trip planner doesn’t offer this as an option.


2. You can save money – transit is really cheap to use and walking/biking are free

$1.75 for a one-way trip on the subway, 50 cents for a local LADOT community bus service. Bargain.

3. There are some great cycle routes in LA to enjoy, plus you might see some wildlife…

Aside from bike lanes (the one on Sunset is pretty good) there are some awesome bike trails to take in. If I worked in Burbank this would be my commute of choice for sure.

4. You’ll get to see cool street art like this


5. If you build a walk into your day, you get to burn calories and listen to some really great podcasts

I walk about an hour everyday – which leaves me to listen to some great podcasts such as Marc Maron’s WTF, This American Life and Serial. Yeah you can listen to them in your car, but there’s something about walking and listening….

6. LA transit has real time via smartphone – no need to wait at the bus stop any more

While there is some progress to be made on the user experience side of things, both LA Metro and LA DOT offer real time arrivals information for bus stops and stations in Los Angeles. This makes travelling much easier for a new-comer and helps me understand the network a little better.

What they really need is a smart real time powered trip planner – more on that later….

7. Try rideshare – it’s everywhere and has really competitive rates

We use rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft to get to gigs, the supermarket, the beach and the movies. Without it we’d have to spend much more time on transit. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a ride. Just download the app and you’re off.

8. It’s a great conversation opener! You’ll always get into a good debate….

Saying that you don’t have a car at a party really gets the conversation going. You’ll get different responses ranging from ‘how on earth do you manage that?’ to ‘that’s awesome, how can I do that?’.

9. You can enjoy the splendid weather that LA has to offer…


10. Never have to worry about parking, unless it’s your bike…

Valet parking? What’s that all about? I can’t park my own car? Weird and expensive (plus you’re throwing¬†your keys at a stranger).

For the cyclist,¬†Santa Monica has got this wrapped up with a great Bike Center. You can store your bike securely, use a locker, get a shower and even get your bike fixed. It’s like valet but far more useful. Check it out here. More of these please – I’d love one in Downtown as my building doesn’t have these facilities. Pretty please?

Over to you…got any of your own?


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