A New Arrival in the City of Angels

I’ve recently moved with my wife to Los Angeles from the UK to change the way people move and live their lives. Crazy, right? Luckily I’m working for a company that has a vision of a smarter transportation future for LA, using behaviour change methods, technology and urban planning to improve mobility and lower daily reliance on the car. Even luckier I have a passion for all types of alternative transport modes – especially the bicycle – and how we can use digital technologies cost-effectively to make it easier and more attractive to use them. Even writing that makes me nervous – what a challenge!

I’m planning to use this blog to share my thoughts and perspectives of a Brit living and working in LA – I’m planning on making my posts insightful and based on real world experiences getting around LA. I’m also hoping to get some guest interviews and links to interesting podcasts, videos and conferences. There will also be photos (Join me on Instagram – there will be transport geek shots with interesting filters).


Most importantly, we’ve decided not to buy a car.  Yes you read that right. Again, pretty crazy, but our experiences so far suggest that it could be done. My blog will provide advice and insight on living in LA as a transportation minority and hopefully try and debunk a number of transportation myths. To get off on the right foot, I walk and use transit everyday to get to work in Downtown LA and survive to tell the tale.


If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to do so by using comments below – I’m looking to build up a network of alternative mode advocates in LA to share ideas, go on bike rides and eat cake with (maybe all at the same time). Oh and I love music – there will also be some gig and album reviews (just to placate the inner music critic in me).

Oh, one final thing – here’s some interesting trips I’ve done so far using alternative modes:

  • Hollywood to Burbank (and back) on horseback
  • Venice to Santa Monica (and back) by skateboard
  • Los Feliz to Disneyland by transit and Uber without losing my mind (more on this soon)
  • A loop of Griffith Park on my mountain bike, avoiding a coyote.

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